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Filtering options for public libraries... in alphabetical order by company.
8e6 Technologies Business Solutions - 8e6 offers an advanced filtering solution with invisible filtering, detailed reporting, the ability to monitor without blocking and high levels of customization for selective users and groups. Since 8e6 offers the only filtering product that can be installed as a router, your network resources aren't at risk of getting bogged down with an over abundance of non-work related Internet traffic. 8e6 Technologies

Allot Communications NetPure® policy-based Internet content filter offers second-generation URL filtering that links your business policy regarding Internet usage with your network resources. NetPure's artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm provides high precision filtering with greater Internet coverage than traditional Employee Internet Management (EIM) solutions that are based on lists of prohibited sites.

Internet Access Management
  • Control access per user (IP address or user name), group and subnet

  • Filtering by user names from directories (MS Active Directory, Novell, Netscape and custom LDAP)
  • Define time-of-day, content category and action (monitor/pass/warn/block)
  • Filter per URL, protocol, file type, black list or white list
  • Customizable blocking or warning message
  • Administrator or power user override of blocking action
  • Configure policy and filters (including custom filters)
  • Add and delete URLs and domain lists
  • Override filtering policy with manually entered lists
  • Import lists of prohibited or permitted sites
Allot Communications - NetPure®

Blue Coat Systems (Nasdaq: BCSI): K9 Web Protection Internet filtering software for both the PC & the Mac.

ContentProtect Professional Web filtering provides the most effective and flexible Internet filter available today! You can easily customize ContentProtect Professional’s settings to fit the needs of each employee in your organization or customize settings for groups and departments. Powerful reporting tools enable administrators to review where employees are spending their time online. You can customize ContentProtect Professional’s filter settings to block specific Web sites, domains and chat helping you to manage risk within your organization. Content Watch - ContentProtect
DynaComm i:filter is a state-of-the-art Internet filter with the capabilities to protect you, your organization and your employees. It comes with everything you need to effectively manage, filter and report on your organization's Internet usage and it can be quickly and easily installed in almost any network topology. DynaComm i:filter

Userful (turnkey systems)

  • Complete Security (It's Worry Free)
  • Virtually Virus Immune Eliminates costly and disruptive virus outages. No need to download anti-virus patches.
  • DiscoverStation is immune to all Windows®, Outlook and Office viruses.
  • Robust Firewall & System Security Blocks Intruders, including Worms and Trojans, from accessing your DiscoverStation and/or snooping on your users.
  • Configurable Internet Filtering Reduces inappropriate use and limits users' exposure to undesirable Internet content. Easily customized: Choose from several preset severity levels or choose the content categories (e.g. gambling, pornography, etc.), file-types (e.g. MP3, EXE, etc.), and keyword combinations you want to block. Supports both “White” and “Black” lists.
e-complex inc. - Userful DiscoverStation

(British based--but useable worldwide)

Total protection for desktops/laptops.Central web based control
of combined Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Web Blocking, IM & P2P
control, Firewall, Asset and Usage Management.

FilterLogix. Their Intelligent Content Manager is designed for schools, libraries and businesses that have a need to limit access to specific Internet content. The iCM technology is a complete system consisting of a server with integrated software that provides content management, firewall and network addressing functions to be fully integrated. The key filtering component is an artificial intelligence-based active filtering technology. FilterLogix
Computers meant to use Kanguard will be configured (when in "filtered" mode) to route all Internet traffic through a server maintained by the Northeast Kansas Library System. The server will disallow access to sites included on a "blocklist".

Once properly configured to use this service the local computer connects with the Kanguard server via the Internet. The server and supporting administrative software are located in Lawrence, at NEKLS, where the staff will be responsible for ongoing server maintenance.

The Kansas Regional Library Systems have agreed to assist in the distribution of Kanguard disabling media, and with configuration of local library computers.

Kanguard (Kansas Libraries only)

Read more here.

Why N2H2 is the Best Choice for Public Libraries Seeking CIPA-Compliant Filtering


SmartFilter installs On-Box on leading proxy servers or is pre-installed on caching appliances and firewalls. All Web page requests first pass through SmartFilter and are instantly evaluated against the organization's Web policy using the SmartFilter Control List. Requests are then allowed, denied, delayed, or coached. The unique On-Box architecture has made SmartFilter the de facto standard for OEM integration into leading caching appliances and firewalls. Secure Computing Corporation - SmartFilterTM
Symantec Web Security protects HTTP/FTP traffic with scalable, high-performance, one–time scanning using leading antivirus and content filtering technologies. It maximizes employee productivity and network performance by blocking traffic to inappropriate, non-business-related web sites and screening out web-borne malicious code attacks. And it is the only solution that integrates list-based and heuristic, context-sensitive analyses in a single-vendor solution for protecting the web gateway from viruses and unsuitable content. Symantec Web Security
IF-2K is a comprehensive Internet scanner with the ability to block, log, and forward e-mail to third parties if access violations occur. Large systems may be easily administrated from a single terminal. IF-ONLY offers total system control by blocking everything except what is designated as allowable. This is an ideal approach for business to reclaim the office computer as a business machine and not an entertainment center. IF-NOT blocks sites deemed unacceptable as in the sense of "parental control" software. Turner and Sons Production Inc. - The Internet Filter IF-2K

Precision Filtering

  • Block pornography and up to 67 content categories
  • Create up to 12 custom categories for specialized filtering
  • Reduce liability from porn, gambling and file sharing
  • Limit access to only the categories or sites that you specify
  • Generate accurate denied-visit reports
Apply filtering options to user, group or enterprise

CyBlock's precision filtering is designed to work with your
Internet usage policy — to prevent Internet abuse and ensure
compliance enterprise-wide.
Wavecrest Computing - CyBlock
Websense Enterprise® also enables management of non-English speaking users by utilizing translated report templates, block pages and Web page category names in nine languages: Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Websense Enterprise®

NOTE: This is only for larger institutions... Pricing for WebSense Enterprise Version 5 with "all the bells and whistles" averages about $20,000 per year for 500 concurrent users.

See reviews -"enterprise capable" filters

Links to 100+ more filters found here...

For the small library or SOHO (small office - home office), 1-25 computers:

Access Control is your solution for parental control software!

Have different settings for each user on your computer with no problem!

  • filter websites
  • filter applications, games, etc.
  • filter ALL chat programs
  • disable Windows functions
  • loads automatically on startup
  • CANNOT be shutdown in anyway
  • password protected
  • install in STEALTH if you wish
  • optional splash warning screen
  • all events are logged so you see when a rule was broken
  • choose which hours you want to filter access for each day!
  • and much more...
Access Control Software - Access Control Home
  • Advertisements are automatically removed from the Web pages, allowing the user to focus on the essential contents
  • Content Filtering
  • Surf 150 % faster
  • Privacy protection
  • Real-Time Cookie Filter
  • Filtering of pop-up windows
  • Parental protection
  • " White List" Possibilty. With the "White List" enabled, users can access only those sites which are approved by the Internet Watcher 2000 administrator.
Bernard D&G - Internet Watcher (shareware)

Blue Coat Systems (Nasdaq: BCSI): K9 Web Protection Internet filtering software for both the PC & the Mac.

ControlKey™ is a small, key-like device (you can actually put it on your key chain) that plugs into your computer's USB port. The device contains an encryption-based integrated circuit that allows the Internet to be accessed only when the key is plugged in. No key – no access. Several options are available such as two-factor protection (key and password needed for full access to the computer and the Internet) and partial access so that the local PC can be used without the key, but not Internet features such as email, chat rooms or web browsers. Griffin Technologies - ControlKey
Total Family Protection

• Children and Parents - Members will not be allowed to view known pornographic sites on their Netmop protected computers. It is our goal to not only protect your children, but to protect you.

• Web Pages are not the only mess on the Net. Netmop is a total solution for web, chat, email, news, keywords in search engines, and file sharing. We clean up dirt wherever it is found.

• Not Just Pornography - Netmop blocks many other categories of objectionable material such as Illegal Activities, Drugs, Bombs, etc.

• Advanced Filtering - Designed to avoid overblocking, lists are human-verified, voluntary ratings detection, blocks sites that disguise their true identity.

InShift Technologies, LLC -http://www.netmop.com/
McAfee Parental Controls 1.0 (MPC) is easy to set up and navigate, and it provides powerful protection for online kids. We like its tracking of visited sites, violations, and trigger categories or words. MPC is also available as part of McAfee Internet Security 5.0 ($79.99 direct), which includes antivirus, firewall, and privacy features.

With McAfee's Instant Updater parents can quickly get the latest blocked-site lists, then customize both block and allow lists for words and URLs. For unlisted sites, MPC detects inappropriate content via a word filter.

McAfee Parental Controls


Parents, Schools and Libraries worldwide have come to rely upon and trust CyberPatrol, which is recommend regularly by parent and computer magazines. It is identified as being very easy to use and fully customizable to each PC user according to their age, needs and interests. CyberPatrol is recognized as the most family-friendly parental control software in the market today.

So, whether you are an inexperienced user seeking an out-of-the-box solution with factory-set filtering, or a power user looking to customize Internet access for individual users or groups of users - CyberPatrol caters for you. It puts the choice back in your hands of when, where, how, and to whom access is allowed, filtered or blocked.

Novatix - CyberPatrol

OnlineSafetyPAL is a powerful, integrated service, which combines personal identifiable information protection with online activity monitoring, recording and blocking. This service protects your children and provides you the comfort to know that you are there even when you can’t be watching over their shoulders. OnlineSafetyPAL Service ensures that you know at all times what your children are doing while online and as a proactive parent you are able to preempt any potential threats and dangerous situations they might be exposed to.

OnlineSafetyPAL Service includes the privacy, security and parental control protections you need to keep you and your family safe online.

Some of the benefits include:

Identity Protection
Email recording
Information Protection
Web Site Blocking
Screenshot recording
Near Real Time Alerts
Chat Session Monitoring
Internet Time Restrictions
Logs Internet Activity
View the recorded data from anywhere
Remote configuration and management
And a lot more

S4F FilterPak is an affordable, effective solution to the problem of pornography on the internet. You and your family may enjoy the internet without the fear of accidentally stumbling on bad sites, or being tempted to see what's just "a click away". S4F works with your existing ISP account to keep pornographic content from loading on your computer. The filtering works by checking the site against our database of blocked sites, then allowing or blocking the request. Once a site is allowed, your computer retrieves the site through your own ISP connection (without having to route it back through our servers). This means that S4F is the perfect solution for all users, even those with high-speed broadband connections such as ADSL, DSL, and cable modems.

S4F, Inc. - FilterPak or

Covenant Promotions

iProtectYou Pro Web Filter

Internet Filtering and Parental Control Software that protects kids from harmful information on the Internet.

* Centralized supervision over all installed copies of the software from a single Administrator's PC simplifies managing.

* Separated settings for user groups added. Now each user group can have separate Web Sites Lists, News Groups Lists, Bad Words Lists and Programs Lists.

* Added option for an administrator/parent to receive a daily report with attached log files.

SoftForYou - iProtectYou
CYBERsitter provides over 30 categories of filtering making it the most complete Internet filter available. Filters are updated automatically, and there are no subscription charges. A sophisticated "content recognition" system recognizes and blocks new objectionable web sites even before we know about them.

CYBERsitter allows parents to override blocked sites, add their own sites to block, specify allowable times to access the Internet, and maintains a detailed log of all Internet activity and violations. It will even send a daily report to parents by e-mail.

Solid Oak Software, Inc. - CYBERsitter

(see our own review here)

SurfControl - Access to websites can be blocked and users shown warning messages, with the ability to control access by content scanning as well as URL. A Virtual Control Agent (VCA) uses adaptive neural network technology to categorise new websites on the fly and use them in access rules. Downloads can be managed by Web Filter rules and there are useful bandwidth management controls. SurfControl
WiseChoice.Net is a windows sub-system based system. All filtering takes place on our servers, not on your computer. Every time you type in an Internet address, or click on a link to an Internet address, or type in a word to search for, the address or word you requested is routed to our computers where it is checked against our block list. If your request is not on our list you proceed as normal to the site you requested. If your request is on our list, you get a message stating that the site you requested has been blocked along with the explanation. Since we have lightning-speed computers and the fastest possible connection to the Internet, the whole process of checking your request takes less than a second once it reaches the Internet. WiseChoice.Net

In addition to filtering software, there are "filtered ISPs" which provide protection as long as you are using them for the internet access.. For more information on these, search for filtered ISPs, or investigate some from the list below:

http://www.mayberryamerica.com/home.asp http://www.viafamily.com/
Protect Your Family with FamilySurf Internet Filters!

Also there are some ISPs (AOL, SBC, etc.) that have "family friendly" or "child safe" controls... http://kids.getnetwise.org/tools/ispoptions


Free filtering software for home use,... and read some InternetFilters.org reviews

"Not knowing is the crime!"

A familiar phrase after the problem. Regardless if your a parent, librarian or designated administrator you need to know what is happening. WebBlock gives you the capability to monitor activity from any computer, and you have WebBlock personnel backing you up by monitoring the sites visited and applying a rating, if missing.

Knowing what data is browsed allows you to provide better service, gives you on-demand feedback and allows you to keep ahead of future problems.

AB Software, Inc.- WebBlock

NOTE: This is a different product than Web-blocker (below)

Blue Coat Systems (Nasdaq: BCSI): K9 Web Protection Internet filtering software for both the PC & the Mac.

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